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The easiest way to instantly increase the production value of any filming project is with aerial videography. We offer productions a unique perspective by utilizing a fleet of state of the arch Remote controlled Multi- rotor Helicopters and gyro-stabilized camera gimbals to capture the most Unique Aerial Footage Possible. Through the use of our compact unmanned aerial platforms we are able to go from ground level to 400ft, up to 50mph all with low noise and environmentally conscious Zero Emission electric power systems. We can provide very unique camera angles for Businesses, Directors, and Producers for small or large scale productions.


  • -  Get that close-up of the actors and then pull up, up and away

  • -  Chase that moving subject from any angle

  • -  Fly the camera through the forest, rather than above it

  • -  Utilize a brand new camera movement

  • -  Supported cameras RED EPIC, GH4, C300, FS100, FS300, Black Magic, Canon 1D, Canon 5D, Canon 7D, C100, C500 and more

    Safety is our first priority, before each flight all devices are fully inspected by a trained Licensed and Certified sUAV professional and fully tested before we even get to the job.
    Our multirotors provide...
    -Quick Set-up Time

    Live HD Video stream for clients to view in real time Air to Ground in full HD TV Broadcast quality

- Exact control of horizontal or Vertical speed
- Precise altitude and longitude GPS measurement and GPS Lock
- Motor Fail Safe even if one of the motors fails, we can still maintain control and land the sUAV

- Fail-Safe GPS return to home
-Multiple Redundancies on Flight Platform to decrease any chance of failure on set 

Skies The Limit is one of the few companies that are fully FAA compliant. Our FAA certification is accepted by film permit offices nationwide. As part of our aerial production services, We help our clients work through the permitting process and handle all required FAA logistics. We also Carry a $2 Million Dollar Insurance Policy.

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